Environmental Policy

County Cladding Systems Limited is one of the UK's leading fitters of Freefoam products. Below is an outline of Freefoams environmental standards.

Freefoam takes its role in responsible manufacturing very seriously. We’re so passionate about preventing pollution and improving our environmental performance we’ve been awarded the ISO 14001:2004 International Environmental
Management System.

  • We recycle 85% of waste from our production units
  • We save water by filtering, treating and reusing supplies.
  • We reduced our electricity consumption by 8% in the last three years
  • 100% lead free
  • Products that save energy
  • Tough, long-life products that are truly sustainable

Our products are 100% lead-free – and they always have been. The window and roofline industry has until 2012 to comply with European Union legislation to be lead free. Freefoam uses an advanced, environmentally-friendly formulation so you our products won’t harm you or your family in any way.


And when we say lead-free, we mean lead-free throughout. Some manufacturers’ products have a lead free outer ‘skin’ and a foam core containing lead! Ask your Registered Installer for a Lead-Free Check Kit to test it yourself.